Fresh Roots Series

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I’m a part of a new reading series, developing a brand new play with Market Garden theatre in the Twin Cities!

I’m super excited to start working on this nugget of an idea–yeah, I mean nugget of an idea b/c I only have 11 rambling pages of it written. 

But good news… The rest of the play is in my head! We’ll find out what this play is and you’ll get to hear it November 18th at the Crane Theater.

Here’s a link with more information:

You can also get updates about my reading on Market Garden Theatre’s FB page:

Hope to see you there!

Br!nk Br!efs (Recap)

MVIMG_20180804_141849 (1)I don’t have the words to thank everyone at Renaissance Theaterworks!

The way they brought my script to life was so beautiful and done with such care. With my plays, I’m always thinking of how to stage the impossible, but with this challenge, many believe this must come with an impossible budget. However, this incredible theater proved that you do not need a huge budget to tell this story so elegantly. All you need are a few simple props, talented actors, and great directing. 

They are amazing and whether you have a short piece or a full length you should submit to this theater.

This Is All New

Thanks for joining me!

I’m just starting my website, so I’m going to need a learning curve.

So to entertain you in the meantime… Here is a quote from Inspirobot. Ever so often it churns out a great phrase.

Life can be infinite. Stay significant — Inspirobot

Other times it just comes up with things like this.

Silence is a lady with all the good parts removed — Inspirobot

I don’t quite know what to do with either of those phrases, but I can tell you now it will corny, macabre, or satirical… Perhaps all three.



This photo is absolutely gorgeous, but has nothing to do with this post… Fun story (it came with the template)… Learning curve remember 🙂