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So clearly I haven’t been doing the best with my blogging. I guess I don’t really like that word “blogging.” It rhymes with horrible words like flogging, clogging, JOGGING–I actually don’t mind jogging if I’m not being timed or chased by something. 

I know people that are very diligent and successful with their blogs. I just don’t think I have enough of my mind to then sit and write about it consistently. At least, not in a way that I can articulate well enough to share with others. I think that’s why I’m in creative writing… That’s actually exactly why I’m into creative writing. I can write an entirely fictitious story around a nugget of truth about me. Sometimes I leave the hints of me exposed, while some of the time I’m buried deep inside the narrative or spirit of characters. I’m the invisible structure of each story I tell. 

So why am I blogging now–I’m assuming you’re wondering this if you’ve read this far. The answer is…… I’m not. This is not a blog. I want to use this as a brave space to challenge myself.

Challenge #1
I’m challenging myself to write in a form that I don’t usually play in. The beautiful craft of short storytelling. I don’t really play in this world because… I write scripts for the stage, screen, and television–I have yet to be paid to write for screen or TV, but I still write the scripts and create show bibles. So I want to challenge myself to write in this genre.

Challenge #2
I am going to post to this weekly. Depending on how life goes, that might change to bi-weekly… Maybe monthly. But for the start of this, I’m challenging myself to do this weekly.

Challenge #3
How long are you going to do this? Again, if you’ve read this far, I’m assuming you’re genuinely invested. I want to try to do this for a whole year. 

Challenge #4
The short stories that I’m writing are going to be inspired/prompted by–what I like to call–Child-Like Questions. These are questions that seem so simple to answer as a child, but as you grow older, they become increasingly more complicated. For example, are you someone’s favorite person? As a child, you’d definitely say “yes” with all the confidence in the world, probably with a laundry list full of people–real and makebelieve. However, now, as an adult, it’s a lot harder. You’d be grappling with the technicalities of the questions. “Do I have to be their only favorite person? Like, can it be a group of us?” “I think plenty of people like me, what does favorite mean?” The hardest thing about this question is we all grapple with the idea that the answer might be “no.”

I can’t take credit for that question. I first heard it watching Miranda July’s short Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody? 

Challenge #5- The last one for right now
There won’t be a lot of editing involved. The goal is to finish, not perfect. None of them will be done, but they will be due. There will be issues with grammar and plot holes. But I will still unapologetically post.

That’s all for my challenges right now. I might make up more later.

OOB Samuel French Dates

So excited to have the most amazing production team a playwright could ask for… Renaissance Theatreworks will be producing my play All of the Everything for the Samuel French Short Play Festival.

Performance: Friday, August 23rd
When: 7:00 p.m
Where: Vineyard’s Dimson 15th Street Theater, 108 E 15th St, New York, NY
*Schedule and tickets here:

Finals??? Maybe??

If we make it to the finals, we will perform Saturday, August 24th at either 2:00PM or 4:30PM

Still Pretty Fresh, But Ready To Keep Growing

It’s vital for artists to have a space to make their art. Market Garden Theatre gave me space to be an artist. I had the opportunity to bring in gibberish pages full of word vomit. After the first read through, I felt great!  Everyone in the room embraced the text I had little confidence in sharing. They were ready and eager to jump in and experiment and explore with me. We rearranged the script several times, telling it backward and inside out. 

I’m also super thankful for the two voices we never got to see on stage. Sitting in a basement making weird creepy gremlin sounds was kinda the highlight of the entire experience. I also got to work with my friend’s son, who composed and created a jarring soundscape for me. Through this development process, I discovered that this play is a massive sound piece, and the production team–giving me maybe too much room to play–incorporated a lot of it in the reading.

Can’t wait to continue exploring this piece and making new revelations about it.

Fresh Roots Series

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I’m a part of a new reading series, developing a brand new play with Market Garden theatre in the Twin Cities!

I’m super excited to start working on this nugget of an idea–yeah, I mean nugget of an idea b/c I only have 11 rambling pages of it written. 

But good news… The rest of the play is in my head! We’ll find out what this play is and you’ll get to hear it November 18th at the Crane Theater.

Here’s a link with more information:

You can also get updates about my reading on Market Garden Theatre’s FB page:

Hope to see you there!

Br!nk Br!efs (Recap)

MVIMG_20180804_141849 (1)I don’t have the words to thank everyone at Renaissance Theaterworks!

The way they brought my script to life was so beautiful and done with such care. With my plays, I’m always thinking of how to stage the impossible, but with this challenge, many believe this must come with an impossible budget. However, this incredible theater proved that you do not need a huge budget to tell this story so elegantly. All you need are a few simple props, talented actors, and great directing. 

They are amazing and whether you have a short piece or a full length you should submit to this theater.

This Is All New

Thanks for joining me!

I’m just starting my website, so I’m going to need a learning curve.

So to entertain you in the meantime… Here is a quote from Inspirobot. Ever so often it churns out a great phrase.

Life can be infinite. Stay significant — Inspirobot

Other times it just comes up with things like this.

Silence is a lady with all the good parts removed — Inspirobot

I don’t quite know what to do with either of those phrases, but I can tell you now it will corny, macabre, or satirical… Perhaps all three.



This photo is absolutely gorgeous, but has nothing to do with this post… Fun story (it came with the template)… Learning curve remember 🙂