It’s Too Cold for You Here


“He’s back. Like Jesus I wept and brought back someone I loved. I have time running through me. Ahead of me. I can now… I can…
                                                                                                                 — WOMAN

Full-Length Drama, 1W, 1M, 2 SHADOWS, Unlimited stagehand figures

After the tragic murder of her husband, a grieving woman finds herself split from her shadow. The more her shadow tries to reconnect, the harder the woman pushes away, falling deeper and deeper into denial, where she creates a world where she can grow old with the husband she lost. However, the longer she is separated from her shadow, the more unstable her world becomes. As she moves back and forth through her stages of grief, she struggles to keep track of time and space and risks losing herself. IT’S TOO COLD FOR YOU HERE is an experimental piece that moves through the abstract journey of a woman living in the grey area between her memories and desires for a future she can never have.

– FRESH PAGES, Twin Cities Playwright Cabal, Minneapolis, MN  2018
– 2020 Plays In Progress Series, Athena Project, Denver, CO (Cancelled due to pandemic)
– Read & Rant, Athena Project, Denver, CO, 2020