Get Broken Like Me


“She ruined Berlin. She destroyed a part of the world for me. She couldn’t wait one more day. She couldn’t have done it earlier… I think she’s in me. She was waiting. My first breath inhaled her last… I want her out of me..”                                                                                                                         – Leigh

Full-Length Drama, Psychological thriller –  4 W

After becoming the youngest writer to receive the Wren Lauer Award, Leigh has struggled to complete another piece with the same honest spirit. Now in grad school, her professor assigns her a haunting untitled novella written by an anonymous author. When Leigh finishes the last page, a dark, possessive entity escapes and peels apart Leigh’s sanity. Nights are filled with psychosis, and days are losing hours. Leigh investigates the anonymous writer, but soon discovers she has only re-awakened a darkness that has been following her. GET BROKEN LIKE ME explores what it is to be vulnerable in your art and the dangers of losing yourself in it.

William Inge Center for the Arts, Independence, KS 2019