The Amethyst

“The only thing on stage is the crib. It begins to move again. The sound of wood bending and snapping is heard. An arm then bursts through the bars of the side of the crib. A foot drops from the bottom. We then see three cracked and mangled goblin-like creatures rise from all around the crib. They smile. They’ve been unleashed and have no intentions of being caged again.”–The Creatures entrance

Full-Length Dark Comedy, 4W, 1M, 3 cracked and mangled creatures (puppets optional)

Inspired by the folklore of changelings, this piece explores the experience of Denise, a first-time mother with postpartum depression. As she navigates through motherhood and the changes it brings, she begins to notice subtle differences in the people in her life. The story travels between Denise’s mind and the outside world. Using found sound music from three insidious creatures, we follow the intent behind Denise’s family’s actions and words, but also discover how that intent is lost or manipulated into something dark and harmful.

Fresh Roots Series, Market Garden Theatre, Minneapolis MN 2018