Still Pretty Fresh, But Ready To Keep Growing

It’s vital for artists to have a space to make their art. Market Garden Theatre gave me space to be an artist. I had the opportunity to bring in gibberish pages full of word vomit. After the first read through, I felt great!  Everyone in the room embraced the text I had little confidence in sharing. They were ready and eager to jump in and experiment and explore with me. We rearranged the script several times, telling it backward and inside out. 

I’m also super thankful for the two voices we never got to see on stage. Sitting in a basement making weird creepy gremlin sounds was kinda the highlight of the entire experience. I also got to work with my friend’s son, who composed and created a jarring soundscape for me. Through this development process, I discovered that this play is a massive sound piece, and the production team–giving me maybe too much room to play–incorporated a lot of it in the reading.

Can’t wait to continue exploring this piece and making new revelations about it.

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